Landfill Aggregate Source Approvals and Environmental Impact Assessment, Saint John, NB

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GEMTEC provided engineering and environmental consulting services to the FRSC to develop a new clay and aggregate source for use at the Crane Mountain Landfill. Clay is integral to the approved landfill liner design for Crane Mountain Landfill, and depletion of approved sources and economic forces led FRSC to explore the development of their own clay source.

Services included:

  • Evaluation of material properties of aggregate and clay source for landfill construction projects
  • Quantity estimates for clay and aggregate sources
  • Economic analysis and feasibility studies
  • Baseline environmental assessments including wetland delineation and functional assessment, stream assessment and water quality sampling
  • Habitat assessments including potential fish habitat, rare flora, terrestrial fauna, and bird nesting areas
  • Archeological baseline study and site walkover
  • Hydrological and hydrogeological assessments
  • Estimates and assessments on GHG emissions compared to other sources
  • Preliminary wetland compensation planning
  • Preliminary extraction, sedimentation control, and closure plans
  • Development of monitoring plans for surface water, groundwater, and blasting
  • Rezoning applications and presentations to City of Saint John Common Council and Planning Advisory Committee
  • First Nations engagement
  • Public consultation including public meetings to inform near-by residents
  • Preparation of EIA registration document and subsequent management of EIA Review process
  • Identification of project related impacts and development of mitigative measures to offset identified impacts as appropriate