About Us

Since 1986, GEMTEC has grown from a small New Brunswick geotechnical engineering, materials testing, and environmental engineering firm into a leading multidisciplinary company with offices and CCIL-certified laboratories in Ontario, Quebec, and across Atlantic Canada. Employee-owned with more than 300 engineers, scientists, technical personnel, and support staff, GEMTEC is founded on the solid technical expertise and experience of our highly educated and skilled specialists. For over 35 years, we have served our clients and the public interest with honesty and respect, while providing cost-effective and innovative solutions.

GEMTEC has identified First Nations and Indigenous engagement as a priority as we move forward and grow. We are currently working with First Nations communities, organizations, and companies across Canada to build new partnerships and expand our initiatives.

GEMTEC is built on a solid foundation of experience, knowledge, and integrity. Build on GEMTEC.

Our Mission

GEMTEC provides Creative, Adaptive, Resilient, and Effective engineering and scientific solutions for future-ready communities and infrastructure for generations to come.

Our Vision

To responsibly shape the Canadian landscape one project at a time.

Our Values

Working Together, with Experience, Knowledge & Integrity; Achieving Technical Excellence with Empowerment, Diversity, and Ownership in a People-First environment.

Whether you are building on it, or digging through it, GEMTEC knows the ground.