Carp River Bridge

project photo

GEMTEC provided geotechnical services for the detailed design, permitting, and construction review of the bridge and approach embankments for a three-span bridge crossing of the Carp River, in Ottawa. The project site is located within the Carp River valley, an area underlain by up to 6 metres of peat and 25-metre thick deposits of soft silty clay of marine origin. An EPS fill embankment was implemented after a thorough review of the costs, settlement, and time-related risks of each option.

Project components included:

  • 3D stress and settlement analysis
  • Technical review of the piling installation and testing
  • Settlement, inclinometer, and piezometer instrumentation design and monitoring
  • Design advice for a 900-mm watermain below the river and adjacent to the embankment
  • Peat removal and replacement; and river diversion recommendations