Barbados Landfill

project photo

GEMTEC provided geotechnical services during the design and construction of the Mangrove Pond Phase III Landfill Cell in Barbados, WI. The project is located in an area underlain by porous coral bedrock, and it was important that proper materials and construction techniques be selected for the construction of the landfill liner to prevent contamination of the fresh water aquifer.

Project components included:

  • Geotechnical investigation of the site
  • Stability analyses of the side slopes and liner components
  • Borrow source assessment for compacted clay liner, including laboratory drained triaxial and permeability testing of samples
  • Review of source production in St. Andrews, New Brunswick, of aggregate for the leachate collection system
  • Ground penetrating radar survey of the bottom and sides of the landfill to check for possible voids and caverns in the coral bedrock
  • Geotechnical inspection and testing during construction